Pedicures have been with us for over 4000 years. In Babylon, royalty would use pedicure tools that were made out of solid gold. Polish dates back 3000 BC when the color of your nails would indicate your social status, apparently Royalty painted their talons black or red.

These days Royalty or not get their nails done..In the United States over 100,000 nail salons and doubled since year 2000, here in the Philippines you can see nail salons in every turn. This is because more and more people give priority to good grooming, especially nails. We want to feel and look our best at all times. Nowadays Pedicure is not enough, people look for more relaxing and rejuvinating treatments such as Footspa treatments, take your senses to the next level by enjoying an hour of pampering. Having footspa treatment is the best things that you can do to your feet.

Milk and Calamansi Foot Spa Treatment is one of our Best seller- and here's what to expect. Upon arrival our staff will assist you to your comfy pedicure chair and will remove your shoes, remove old polish and your feet will enjoy a warm bath and softening footsoak for 4~5 minutes. This step makes your skin soft and easier to work with, especially if you have calluses. After the soak your feet will be slathered with an exfoliant scrub, washed with warm water and towel dry, then calluses gently removed by a foot file. Now here comes the best part, the application of cold milk on your feet and cotton squares with calamansi on the top of your nails, milk will moisturize you feet while calamansi whitens your nails directly, and wrapped with plastic and towel for about 15 minutes. Next will be your relaxing foot and leg massage, some clients falll asleep when massage starts.

There are plenty of additional services that you can enjoy with footspa treatments for example the Paraffin Treatment that helps moisturized deeply, good for cracked or dry skin. Your feet are placed in a warm bath with soft wax which has essential oils. The Paraffin is also wrapped by a plastic, towel and booties. Leave for 20 minutes, then Paraffin taken off in one piece, and you will instantly notice the softness and suppleness of your skin. This treatment is great for your hands too!

Different types of scrubs available to choose from lavander, peppermint, dead sea salt and the organics - coconut, almond & rice, lemon & honey, milk and calamansi. For best result, get your footspa treatments at least twice a month, to maintain good health of your nails and feet, this indulgence actually good for everyone.Your rough and tired feet will never know what hit them! See you...